Ascent from Darkness

The Beginning

You remember the looks on people’s faces as you all stood there unable to take your eyes off of the horror before you. The sun, once a bright beautiful beacon, had darkened like a hot black coal in a blacksmith’s forge. It’s been almost one week without the cleansing light of the sun, however the heat mostly remains. Crops are beginning to wilt and many are fearful of the stories of what lies beyond the city’s great wall. Stories of creatures of undeath, demons, and desperate mauraders fill taverns and mead halls. At first these stories were dismissed as tall tales, but when the temple of Pelor claimed martial law, flooded the city with their Guardians of the Sun, and sealed the city’s great iron gate, people began to worry.

Your adventure begins in the great city of Karthspire one week after the Darkening. As you wander the street you find yourself at the Radiant Flagon tavern.

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